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Our website has been designed to provide a unique platform for both the furniture industry and its clientele. In our pursuit to provide something new and functional, we hope that our website would be able to increase support to Malaysia’s furniture market. With more and more businesses opening from all corners of the nation, it is but necessary to find ways to revitalize and transform the way it is used in society our goal is to make sure that the industry is making progress as we utilize the online platform to inform the public, especially investors and actual clients to what is available and which companies offer the best range of items. In a way, our website aims to activate businesses and ensure that there is promise in the market.

In our pursuit to achieve our goals, we make sure that our website has been intuitively designed to address specific needs for effective categorization. We have classified our categories to key features designed to find suppliers, furniture pieces and retailers. We are sure that our efforts will make it easier for buyers and other businesses to find the right company that can provide the right furniture pieces for their offices or clientele.

Furniture suppliers

Our directory for furniture suppliers is created to address the needs of those who want to find providers of raw materials, fittings, components and building services for the furniture industry, specifically the manufacturing segment. If you are a manufacturer who is looking for possible supplies for new furniture lines or if you are a supplier looking to find a new way to generate leads for your business, our website will be able to provide the platform for your success. Our furniture supplier directory is filled with hundreds of suppliers and manufacturers in order to help both sectors benefit from new products and business connections. Since the industry is competitive, it is vital to have the right contacts or specific products or services. Find a contact detail now and help your business grow bigger.

Furniture categories

Beyond business to business ventures, our website also can help actual customers to source furniture pieces that are most functional and reliable for their needs. Our website has been intuitively organized and categorized to make it easier to find the furniture that you need. From desks, tables, conference furniture, cabinets, and other important furniture pieces, we can help you organize your search. You can also utilize our website to find the right furniture at the right materials, be it glass, wood, plastic or metal. Our intuitive classification system also simplifies search for traditional or contemporary pieces in all the said categories. By simplifying the process of finding good furniture, we make it easier for buyers to be in contact with the right companies.


Our website will also include furniture dealers. We have a wide range of furniture retailers from across Malaysia and our goal is to help clients find the best furniture options in the location where they are most convenient to visit. Manufacturers can also contact retailers so that they can visit the showroom for new products and be in transaction with them to hold your product lines and other services. Through our website, we minimize the need for unnecessary research. You visit our website, find the right sector to search and get results afterwards.

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Shelton Trading Company offer wide ranges of aluminum door window & frame, tempered glass, gypsum board partition, office renovation, office furniture service with reasonable price. For more info about office partition, please visit

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