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Through our website, we aim to also provide support to furniture suppliers and manufacturers. The industry is very competitive due to the wide range of furniture designs, styles, brands and materials available. We take advantage of this competitive edge and create an e-listing solution to best support the products of different manufacturers while giving buyers and procurement agents truly reliable goods that can last a long time. Our services are designed to boost your business success and more importantly, we aim to capture a bigger local market to ensure that business is solid and there is active support to these producers and distributors of quality furniture.

Our website has been intuitively designed to make it easier to find all the products that you need in a few clicks. Our listings are categorized in all possible methods. From specific brands, type of furniture, material to specific producer or distributor, we can take you where you want to go based on the search details you presented. Our intelligent categories are designed to simplify the whole process of finding top quality products and goods.

We welcome investors, manufacturers, small industries, home business owners, corporate establishments, hotels, restaurants and retailers to our website. When you use our search tool, we can assure that you will find the products you need fast and easy. On top of that, we also support actual manufacturers and furniture sellers to expand their market potential by utilizing the power of the internet. Please take advantage of our website and let us help you take your business to the right direction.

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Artsystem (M) Sdn Bhd specialized in Office Furniture, Interior Design Consultancy, Laboratory Furniture, Industrial Work Bench ESD, Custom Made Furniture, Residential & Office Renovation.

Shelton Trading Company offer wide ranges of aluminum door window & frame, tempered glass, gypsum board partition, office renovation, office furniture service with reasonable price. For more info about office partition, please visit http://www.sheltonoffice.com.my.

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Explore the wide range of companies as well as furniture pieces that you can find. We are sure that our listing is the only thing you need for your business.

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We intend to expand our services further, promoting all possible range of furniture from all suppliers and manufacturers as well as designer furniture and other possible demands for high quality products for office spaces.